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Some Thoughts About Kony2012 And The LRA

Kony2012 part 1 became viral and made one person known to the public: Joseph Rao Kony. The video stirred up a lot of anger, is misleading and created further problems. The African Union built up a 5.000-strong force consisting of four nations (Central African Republic, DR Congo, South Sudan, Uganda) to hunt him. Great! Really a change? In my opinion no. Why? ICC warrants against Kony and other LRA members were sent to these countries 2002 and nearly nothing did happen. Especially as all four nations have to bear big internal and external struggles, it is more than naive to believe that these countries are able to stop any terror organization. One other thing is that people and media obviously don’t want to know, what it means to fight a terror organization and who is going to pay the bloody bill.